How It Works

2% Charity Tax

There is a mandatory Charity Tax on all onchain transactions performed. A 2% Charity tax on all processed transactions will be donated to a Binance Charity Project.

Binance Charities

Binance is one of the biggest crypto companies and finance systems in the world! They have a Charity Foundation that helps change lives and develop rural communities and provide disaster relief! You can be a part of that.


Every buy, sell, trade or transfer transaction allocates 2% of all onchain txs for Charity, disburses 2% to all BNBY holders, provides 5% in buybacks, and pools 1% for marketing so we never run out of funds to press forward daily. Every month, the aggregate moves to a Binance Charity project with signed proof of tx shared with community.


Relinquished to Binance

50.999% of tokenomy relinquished to Binance!

47.999% of tokenomy (100% of all tokens locked in LP) relinquished to Binance Charity!

0.999% of tokenomy distributed continuously in unique Airdrop Charities!

100% Ownership Relinquished. Binance is now the largest holder and most secure whale wallet holding BNB Charity tokens!

The Tokenomy surrounding the BNB Charity token is depicted in the picture. With every trade made using BNBY token, you invariably send 2% to Binance Charity to sponsor Communities and Development Projects all around the world. With every buy, sell and transfer, you indelibly change the world. Yes! The world is a better place today because of the trade you made!

Thank you BNBYers for making the world a better place to live.
BSC Contract LP Renounce Hash Ownership Renounce Hash

Need Support?


Fetch Metamask/TrustWallet


Visit Pancakeswap.Finance


Swap BNB for BNBY token

All Done!

You've just supported a charity.